Global Business Behaviour

Global EtiquetteInhouse Seminar: The International Business Etiquette you need to know

Confidence and Style in Today’s Business World

Let’s make a deal — what you should know before negotiation. This seminar helps high-powered business-people avoid missteps and misunderstandings that plaque the world traveller.


• The necessity of intercultural understanding
• Cross cultural competence – the concept of cultural patterns
• Accuracy and meaning of the first impression
• Sense and origins of the code of conduct
• Politeness is a communication factor
• The skills of proper etiquette
• Suitable conversation starters, taboo subjects
• Dressing appropriately for international business
• Do’s and taboos — the numerous aspects of business dress
• Tips on decorum — selective use of expressive accessories

“Dear Eva, many thanks for that wonderful business-etiquette workshop and your notes.”
(B. Philipp, Leiter Versuchsteam Komponenten Türsysteme, Brose Nordamerika)

Target Audience

International Businessmen, i.e. Executives, Top Salesmen, Key Account Manager


Interactive lectures, role plays, simulation of everyday life situations, transfer and group work, individual advice to each participant. Training will be done in a very  practical manner, therefore we ask you to wear a business outfit, which the participants wear at work and that it reflects the corporate image, upon demand.

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